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Inspiration demands a quick marriage...

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

How many times have you had a great idea. When you’re on the bus or staring out a window and you think “yeah... I know! How about I do that or put that with that or maybe try that thing out on a thing with the other thing on the side” Often these moments come in a flash and without warning. For me they can happen in the shower, when drunk and having fun, joking or just pissing around. Sometimes when I’ve been alone all day.

I have many ideas and that’s not unusual in my line of work; the difference is between getting inspiration and acting on it. Someone once said the more you share your ideas the more you get... don’t be a miser; share it out! You’ll be sure to get a new one anyway and putting these notions into action is really the best thing about what we do.

Which brings us to the title of this post. “Inspiration demands a quick marriage and doesn’t like a long engagement.” In my experience this is so true. Get the idea down (the sketch book being the vital tool here) and act on it as soon as you can. Develop it while it has life and in my experience it’s best to keep it to yourself as talking about it is can sometimes change it and even destroy it before it’s even born. Even the nicest people with the best of intentions can crush an idea with an innocent comment and besides we know what a precious bunch artists are.

So keep momentum. The number of times that spark of light goes unheeded and flickers out without even a chance. Tragic. And you know the worse bit? You’ve only got yourself to blame.

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